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September 10, 2013
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Random Adopt Batch 04 - [CLOSED] Set Points+Cash by StrawberriesJam Random Adopt Batch 04 - [CLOSED] Set Points+Cash by StrawberriesJam
($) P A Y P A L O N L Y

The beautiful and fabulous *AmaiCandy colored these. <33 u///u Thank you so very much! She is a fabulous artist, go check her art out. <333 She's also a fantastic person, and a friend that you would regret not having.

                   R U L E S :
:rose: Please do not steal, trace, or copy my designs.
:rose: Once purchased feel free to change the design in any way, color/gender/ect.
:rose: Feel free to trade or resell the design for no more than how much you paid for it. (If you do, please notify me so I may stay updated.)
:rose: Credit for the first time you draw, and then afterward you don't have to- but- if anyone asks, just don't claim you designed it.
:rose: I will note you the full-sized picture with no watermark on it when bought.
:rose: Please give me a bit to confirm your offer, and such.
:rose: Only the owner has permission to use/draw the adoptable and it's design.
:rose: I may deny your offer if I choose.
:rose: When the adoptable batch is closed, I will disable comments for privacy and what not.


:bulletgreen: - Open
:bulletpurple: - Hold
:bulletblue: - Pending
:bulletred: - Closed

Sale Set Price: 200 - 300 :points: $5/500 - $10/1000 each (For $10/1000 :points: you'll get a chibi and a head to waist of the adopt)

Starting Bid: $10
Auto-Buy 1: $20 (A bit much, but I'm adding in a but-ton of art and bonuses to make it fair . u . b )
Auto-Buy 2: $25 (A bit more, but even neater things included~ ; v ; <3)
End Date: September 10th, 2013 @ 10pm // Midnight September 11, 2013 @ 5pm
I am SO sorry- but I figured it would actually only be fair that way people from different timezones could see it as well.
It will not be extended any further, it will end at 5pm EDT time tomorrow and that is it. ^^'

After purchased I will :note: you with a form with information I need. c:
I may be able to hold them until FRIDAY -- only if you are serious and can guarantee you will have the cash. ; u ;

:new: At the starting bid $10 you will receive a mini doodle chibi, mini chibi in a pose of your choice and a head-to waist (& the previous extra).
If the bid increases over $15 you will receive a head to waist image and pixel icon of the adoptable (& the previous two extras).
If the adoptable is Auto-Bought (1) you will receive the following only:
- 3 Mini Doodle Chibis of the character in poses of your choice. (lined, colored, & semi-shaded) ll Example:
- 2 Mini Chibis (lined, colored, & semi-shaded) ll Example: &
- 1 Chibi (lined, colored, & semi-shaded) ll Example:
- A head to waist of the adoptable (lined, colored, & semi-shaded)
- A fullbody reference of the adoptable including the palette/colors (front AND back lined, colored, & semi-shaded)
- A pixel (head to shoulders or mini) icon of the adoptable ll Sorta Example: (Will NOT be on that base - will be on this base . u .… )
- A sheet of six emotions of the adoptable
- One animal/pet companion that matches the adoptable's theme.
- An alternate outfit that will be drawn full bodyish style from the head to the knees. uvub
If the adoptable Auto-Bought no.2 they will also receive all of the ones from number one and:
- Head shot of the adoptable
- Emotions sheet will have doubled emotions, so twelve emotions.
- 2 Mini Pixel pagedolls *animated* (Free-hand)
- 2 Mini Chibi pagedolls *animated*
- 2 Pixel pagedolls *animated*
- 2 Chibi pagedolls *animated*
- 2 More alternate outfits - and all three will be full-body instead of head to knee, +you'll receive a picture of the back of them.
- Another pixel icon on a different F2u pixel base (that allows it), or free-hand.
- 2 Chibis of the animal/pet companion in two different animal poses.
- A pixel icon from the lovely and fabulously fantastic *AmaiCandy (Example: l… l… )

*** The examples are a bit old, so they may look a bit different than them. Styles may vary, since I hope to improve. c:

Left to Right / Top to Bottom:
Row 1:
:bulletred: 01. Owner: =mi-ya-ka. ♥

:bulletred: 02. Owner: *PhrysethAdopt. ♥

:bulletred:03. Owner: ~blarglefargle. ♥

:bulletred: 04. Owner: Hidden at Owners Request For The Moment. ♥

Row 2:
:bulletred: 05. Owner: ~bevyuh. ♥

:bulletred: 06. Owner: *Yuu-Tanni. ♥

:bulletred: 07. Owner: *topaxc. ♥

:bulletred: 08. Owner: *topaxc. ♥

Row 3:
:bulletred: 09. Owner: ~KomiSilverfall. ♥

:bulletred: 10. Owner: Mine o u o//. ♥

:bulletred: 11. Customs (Up To 3 Slots Available)
:bulletred: Owner: Taken. ♥
:bulletred: Owner: None. ♥
:bulletred: Owner: None. ♥

Base (c) =PrinceProcrastinate [Can be found here: princeprocrastinate.deviantart… ]
Designs - Lines (c) ~StrawberriesJam
Designs - Coloring (c) *AmaiCandy
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LittleGreenCreatures Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
would 300 points be okay for a slot of custom?
whitebunny-adopts Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
how much custome?

homo5ever Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
#7 & #8? <3
StrawberriesJam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Would you like to purchase them? u//u
homo5ever Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Oh. Paypall only..?
StrawberriesJam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
No, it also became available in points. ^^'
homo5ever Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
oh okay :3 how much?
StrawberriesJam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
200 - 300 :points: Each is fine. ; v ;//
homo5ever Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
alright goin to do it. Haha c:
StrawberriesJam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Okay! uvu// When the points are sent, I will note you the large .png of both of them separately and update the status. ♥
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