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May 17, 2013
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Pokemon Gijinka Adoptables Batch 005 [Closed] by StrawberriesJam Pokemon Gijinka Adoptables Batch 005 [Closed] by StrawberriesJam
Point Adoptables Only :points: - Sorry. ;n; ♥
So-- I haven't done ones open for everyone in quite a why not. Plus this base is just too fun to draw on. <333

                   R U L E S :
:rose: Please do not steal, trace, or copy my designs.
:rose: Once purchased feel free to change the design in any way, color/gender/ect.
:rose: Feel free to trade or resell the design for no more than how much you paid for it. (If you do, please notify me so I may stay updated.)
:rose: Credit for the first time you draw, and then afterward you don't have to- but- if anyone asks, just don't claim you designed it.
:rose: I will note you the full-sized picture with no watermark on it when bought.
:rose: Please give me a bit to confirm your offer, and such.
:rose: Only the owner has permission to use/draw the adoptable and it's design.
:rose: I may deny your offer if I choose.
:rose: When the adoptable batch is closed, I will disable comments for privacy and what not.


:bulletgreen: - Open
:bulletblue: - Pending
:bulletred: - Closed

:bulletred: 1. Scientist Deerling Gijinka
Owner: ~Yuu-Chans-Adopts

:bulletred: 2. School Girl Mienfoo Gijinka
Owner: =no-89

:bulletred: 3. Angry Fennekin Gijinka
Owner: ~Superhglg

:bulletred: 4. Yvetal Gijinka
Owner: ~gretche1214

Base (c) =PrinceProcrastinate [Can be found here: [link] ]
Designs (c) ~StrawberriesJam
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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